Brief Summary: Terry has been in the Construction industry for more than 30 years.  He is known to have an excellent reputation of quality workmanship and is a man of integrity.  He began working for a very well known builder, Aaron Gingerich Construction and progressed  into forming a successful Framing partnership.  They  framed Gingerich’s work for the next (8) years.  In the early 1980's, Terry went on his own to form Graber Construction.  That framing business grew from standard mid-sized homes to very specialized custom homes. In 1989, Terry got his Certified Contractor’s License in the State of Florida.  As opportunities came, he built a home, but his main focus was the framing business.  In 1999, he began building about an average of one home a year, on the side.  At the end of 2004, he went entirely into contracting and has been doing the same since.BUILDING EXPERIENCE, 1999-2015 (Sarasota, unless stated otherwise)  
 4147 Malden Dr                       New 3/2                  
 1403 Pine Prairie Rd                New 2/2                 
 2703 San Jose Dr                      New 2/2                  
 2053 Kingsdown Dr                  New 3/2 
 3047 Wood St                            Re-model                
 2897 Gentian Rd.Venice           New 3/2                 
 5603 South Oak Ct                   Re-model               
 2744 6th. Street                        Re-model               
 2025 Euclid Terrace                Re-model               
 75     Dade Ave                        Re-model               
 7740 Veterans     N.Port          New 3/2                 
 15757 Hancock                       New 3/2                  
 1910 33rd Street                      New 4/3                 
 3095 Edgewood Terr               Fire Renovation 3/2               
 7848 Franzino Ave. N.Port      New 3/2                
 1007 Gantt                               Vinyl siding           
 2526 Davis Blvd                      Remodel/ Repair                               
 1715 36th. St.                           Demolition           
 6327 Crestwood                       Roof Re-Do           
 2626 Cheryle                           Bath Addition     
2565 Tulip St.                           Remodel/ Addition
13407 N Branch Rd                 Whole House Renovation/ Add 3 Car Garage 
1020 Conrad Ave.                     Interior Remodel
          1989: ConstructionSchool for Contractor’s License
          1970: Language/ Voluntary Service/ Democratic Republic of Zaire
          1968: JMU/ Harrisonburg, VA 2-year business courses
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